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With SkewerLab, adaptive video is ready-to-use for each industry

SkewerLab offers you an exclusive SaaS platform designed to create adaptive marketing videos and help you to empower your digital strategies and their impact.

Download the library of use cases we designed for many industries and situations and discover what Skewerlab can do for YOUR business !

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With a goal of increasing conversion and online bookings, reinvent the user experience and the all inspirational process of your customers.

Car industry

Generate web-to-store traffic in dealerships, simplify and shorten your buyers’ journey, leading to a quicker decision making process.


Drive your clients through the understanding of banking products, increase customers’ loyalty by giving them the opportunity to exchange with a real online video advisor.

Racing and sport competitions

Offer a unique experience to all your players and attendees by giving them unforgettable memories of their competition., improve the notoriety of your event and its dimension !

Event and professional meetings

Simplify the user experience by driving them to the right profile for them (visitors, speakers, exhibitors). Increase the occupancy rate and sell more tickets.

Ski resort

With an “onboarding” video, develop the user experience and expand the resort’s visibility and travellers’ touchpoints. Make their stay even better by simplifying two strategic moments: the arrival ad the departure.