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Plenty of resources to guide and train you on video marketing topics !

Discover fully new SkewerLab resources to guide you through your journey into the amazing and exciting world of adaptive video marketing.

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White book : Learn everything about the marketing hyper-personalization [FR]

Learn about the hyper-personalization, its strengths and the numerous opportunities for your business.

User guide : Content tyopologies of your leads [FR]

Discover which content would be the best and most relevant for each step of your leads buyer’s journey.

User guide : Video in the travel industry [FR]

Discover the best practices and uses of marketing video applied to the travel industry and tourism.

Infography : the essential video figures you need to know in 2018! [FR]

Discover the impact of video in digital marketing strategy through analytics.

Ebook : How personalized video production will improve your client's business [FR]

What is personalized video ? Discover its uses for your agency and your clients.

Discover the marketing video numbers for 2019 : new trends, the evolution of video, video in marketing and the new aspiration of users.

Interview : Xavier Dullin testimonial, The President’s conurbation committee [FR]

Discover how Conurbation Committee used adaptative video to adress every inhabitants of the area.

Infography : Video in car industry [FR]

Discover statistics about new consomption trends and how ultra-personalized marketing video impact the automotive industry