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Offering an adaptive marketing video platform such as SkewerLab enables us to give our clients a new way to create a strong relationship with their audience; but also to access a powerful tool for conversion and customer loyalty. It is not only based on image but also on performance and that’s what we like about SkewerLab!

SkewerLab mixes two majors web-marketing trends: video and ultra-personalization, thanks to a simple and user-friendly platform.

Gwendoline Mehault & Julie Tobaruela​


With an ultra-precise targeting and an easy-to-use interface, SkewerLab represents the ideal solution to spread one-to-one videos across multi-platforms.​

SkewerLab allows our customers to easily enjoy the power of artificial intelligence through our services and offer themselves the effortless ultra-personalization of a powerful medium: The video !

Luc Veuillet​

Témoignage de Couleaud CEO de Webmecanik témoigne de l'efficacité du logiciel de SkewerLab
SkewerLab is the perfect answer to our clients’expectation, the missing link in today’s Webmarketing ecosystem.

Stéphane Couleaud CEO, WEBMECANIK​
Logo CITIA spécialiste de l'image partenaires de la vidéo SkewerLab

SkewerLab ? An innovative tool and captivating team always available to offer you tailor-made projects.

As we met them during the Digital X Outdoor 2017, SkewerLab’s team was presenting their innovative software to create personalized videos. A true innovation resonating with our own activities at CITIA.
SkewerLab was 100% legitimate to deliver a speech and show their solution during the “Forum blanc”, a conference cycle dedicated to the last innovative digital creations.
A real collaboration was born between CITIA and SkewerLab teams. Even more than a professional collaboration, we met true partner, skilled collaborators with brilliant and relevant answers to our needs. Anyway, I wish us a lot of future projects together !

Laetitia Soquet

Ubac Media

To us, SkewerLab is an innovative tool as it answers a need for some of us to match our advertising message to customers’ expectations.​

The solution opens the door to a brand new way to work and it allows us to imagine a perfectly relevant message for each viewer with a strong potential waiting to be discovered !

Julien Ferrandez & Pierre Colonge

Digital Effervescence

Its biggest value lies in its capacity to develop online performances and improve interactions with visitors, final clients, users while rationalizing the usual time needed to create videos.

We want to work with SkewerLab for their vision. What makes it interesting for us at Digital Effervescence is to collaborate with partners with a common vision. Ultra-personalization and the willingness to bring even more value to the user/client are part of those values.
SkewerLab is the opportunity to go back meet with our clients and open a huge environment dedicated to interactivity, relevance and personalization.

Thibaut Bourgon

Ski Guru

In that context, kwnoing how to create adaptive videos with multiple levels of personae, but also on different devices and conditions is an true asset for tourist destinations such as ski resorts, which have to sell dreams to their clients. ​

The SkewerLab solution is a very important element to add in our acquisition strategy in order to seduce our customers.
Video is unavoidable today and it will take even more importance in the future.

Gayé Delahousse​



Skewerlab awards récompense digital mountain awards 2019 start-up innovation vidéo marketing ultra-personnalisée

Digital Mountain Awards 2019

Innovation award B2B product and service (april 2019)

Skewerlab awards récompense concours Start‐up contest Alpes Tech 3D 2018 vidéo marketing ultra-personnalisée

Start‐up contest Alpes Tech 3D 2018

Finalist (december 2018)

Gagnant concours start-up “Exportez‐vous” CIC du Lab’Export 2018

“Exportez‐vous” CIC from Lab’Export 2018

Winner (november 2018)

Skewerlab awards récompense Concours Start‐Up des Rencontres nationale du e‐tourisme 2018 vidéo marketing ultra-personnalisée

Start-Up contest #ET14, Etourism national meeting

Audience Award and Jury special prize (october 2018)

Contest Start‐Up ENEDIS 2018

Winner 2nd regional prize and national finalist (november 2018)

Pitch Inno competition by Cluster Montagne

Winner and pitch during the 80th French Ski Resort association congress (october 2018)

Start-Up Trophy by Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region

Finalist and pitch during the big final (november 2018)

Digital Mountain Awards 2018

Award of the public and Coup de Coeur of the Jury
(october 2018)

SkewerLab's Galaxy

Cluster Montagne is an association that represents and promotes, throughout the world, French know-how for sustainable mountain tourism development

France Digitale is a French associate promoting entrepreneurship and startups, uniting investors and startups together through events and public affairs.

An ecosystem promoting the label French Tech powered by the government. A startup for startups, partners and entrepreneurs in the Alps creating financial, investment and business opportunities. .

Incubator for seeds and growing companies, Grow Spot launches start-ups and helps them thrive

Global innovation cluster for digital technologies located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

OSV - accompagner le développement des entreprises dans le secteur des sports outdoor dans les Alpes

Outdoor Sports Valley designates both a region (the Alps) and industry cluster dedicated to outdoor sports and ecompasses companies that work in the sports and recreation industries.