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What an adventure !

With a solid foundation, we keep on building and our team of adventurers is always evolving ! If our startup is young, our ambitions are great and our software requires the best fertilizer to thrive the seed and go forward.

Illustration équipe SkewerLab avec un esprit humain et start-up flexible

Our team

To be one and to be many at the same time, a team and various individuals, it is a big challenge we proudly achieve everyday at Skewerlab.

Strong values

L'humain au cœur des valeurs de SkewerLab

100% Humans

We are not from Mars (obviously), but we like to repeat that our strength lies in the people. That’s how we built our home, SkewerLab: by making human beings happy and well, listenin to their hopes and needs. What we achieved for our team, we also want it for our entire network!

100% French Alps

We are well established into our mountains. They inspire us, they give us strength and energy and in exchange, we value that local spirit everyday! Proud of our label “from the Savoies”, we are far too curious to remain there: we often turn into globe-trotters to know and follow what’s happening in the world.

Skewerlab solution logicielle vidéo marketing ultra-personnalisée SaaS team équipe flexible agile start-up efficient

100% flexible

Flexible is a big word and sometimes a bit abstract. So we decided to endorse the concept. At SkewerLab, we adapt ourselves to every situation and development with a big smile and the optimism needed to go forward efficiently.

100% Salad Bowl

Would you like another bowl of know-how ? We stand for a lot of diversity in our skills as much as we do in our senses of humor. Flavours are blending and filling up each others quite well: we might argue often, but it is thanks to that melting pot of open-minds we can guarantee the best value chain for our clients.



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Business Empowerment


We like passionate profiles with a strong quantity of motivation and creativity!