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Discover the best solution to boost your customer engagement and audience conversion

Skewerlab is an innovative SaaS solution for the creation, production and distribution of adaptive marketing video, available at any moments.

Ultra-personalized is tailor-made based on your scenarii and your customers’ data. By making the message fully relevant and engaging, ultra-personalized video speaks directly to each individual.

Allow yourself to revolutionize the user experience!

Illustration page d'accueil SkewerLab, la solution SaaS de vidéo marketing ultra-personnalisée

The central role of video


consumers watch video daily


+ %
in completion rate compared to a traditionnal video


consumers are more willing to purchase after a personalized experience

The adaptive marketing video creation platform responding to your needs

Créez et éditez rapidement vos scenarii avec notre plateforme SaaS.

Easy creation

Create and edit quickly your scenarii with our SaaS platform. A simple and user-friendly platform at your service to boost your reactivity.

Générez des vidéos uniques pour chaque consommateur grâce à notre plateforme connectée à vos données disponibles


Our online platform directly connects with your available data (CRM, geolocation, browsing data…) to generate unique videos for every customer. #GDPR-friendly

Diffusez vos campagnes : quel que soit votre secteur d’activité, notre plateforme est compatible pour tout site web, mobile, tablette et navigateur.

Perfect integration

Spread your campaigns! No matter what you do, our platform is compatible with all websites, mobile devices, tablets and browsers. Be assured to have a maximum visibility and optimised revenues.


In a few clicks, write and create your own personalized and adaptive scenarii. Add your media : photos, videos, songs, call-to-actions, and generate your ultra-personalized video campaign to change prospects into fans.


Thanks to Skewerlab responsive player, your video will optimally be launched on every screen and position, adapting itself perfectly to the customer’s device.


Analyze the data of your adaptive marketing video, measure your ROI and maximize your marketing campaigns #GDPR-friendly


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